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Elite Container Homes convert shipping containers into custom homes. Our primary goal is to provide affordable housing for people in need, while also revitalizing communities and creating jobs. We have a unique business model: we refurbish cargo containers, turn them into beautiful living spaces for residents of all income levels, and then either rent the property, sell the property with Rent-to-Own terms or sell out right. The container homes are cost-effective and come with modern amenities like insulation and solar panels.

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Choose Your Size

Choose a size that meets your needs and budget. Container homes typically come in two standard sizes: 8′ x 20′ or 8′ x 40′. But 8′ x 10′ is also available if you really want to get creative…



We build custom container homes specific to your unique needs. Talk with us to see how we can customize and make the most out of your container home. 



Once we have completed your shipping container customization and modifications, it’s ready for pick up or delivery. Contact us for delivery options and availability.

Why Choose a Shipping Container Home?

Shipping container homes offer a cost-effective, efficient and sustainable way to build your home. They’re built from recycled materials that are easy on the environment as well!


Container homes are a more cost-effective alternative to traditional housing because they require less material and labor.

Speedy construction

Shipping container homes are quick to construct. They only take about three weeks of construction time depending on the customization needed


Shipping container homes are a great way to be green but also have the minimalistic look you want. Plus, these buildings come in all shapes and sizes.

Ease of Transport

We arrange all transportation in house so you don't have to. Just let us know where and when you want it delivered and we will handle it


Shipping Container Homes are easy-to-modify and can be customized to your unique needs with 20 or 40 foot containers!


Container homes are typically made out of weathering steel, which can withstand inclement conditions better than traditional housing

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“Dustin and his team go above and beyond to make each home perfect. Their prices are competitive and Their service is Amazing! Absolutely Recommended.”

Very pleased with the services. We wanted a space that would solve a number of logistical problems we were having with the arrangement of changing rooms stores and office space. They did an excellent job and at a very competitive price..
Elite Container Homes provide excellent quality and good value for money. The staff at Elite Container Homes were extremely helpful, taking the time to assist me with choosing a specification to match our requirements. They delivered exactly what we needed.
We are very pleased with our new container home, which exceeded our expectations. The quotation and design process was very professional, and the finish on the units themselves is great. Please pass our thanks on to all those involved.

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